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Weymouth Restaurants-Our mouthwatering Recommendations

Crab House Cafe (Ferryman’s Way, Portland):

Weymouth restaurants offer a perfect selection to suit all . You should prepare for an unparalleled seafood extravaganza at the Crab House Cafe. Nestled at Ferryman’s Way in Portland, this hidden gem promises an exceptional dining adventure. The freshest and finest seafood takes centre stage, with Portland oysters cooked country style with bacon and cream stealing the show. This place is our seafood sanctuary our personal favourite. It’s a hidden treasure trove for seafood enthusiasts.

The Catch: Weymouth harbour

Immerse yourself in a seafood haven at The Catch, a fine dining establishment housed in a beautiful, listed building. With a strategic location boasting views over the harbour, this culinary gem mirrors our deep affection for the sea. The executive chef’s mastery in the sea-to-table experience and dedication to supporting local suppliers elevate the dining journey. From faultless dishes to a tantalising 6-course tasting menu and a wine flight celebrating both local and distant vineyards, every detail caters to seafood enthusiasts.

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The Hatch: Weymouth harbour

For a laid-back yet flavoursome seafood experience, The Hatch is the go-to spot. Enjoy locally caught seafood straight off the boats in a great atmosphere along the quayside, exuding a delightful street food vibe. The daily specials add an element of surprise and lightness to the menu, making it the perfect place to relish great food while soaking in the picturesque harbour views.

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Sunflower cafe: Weymouth town

This a Ukrainian cafe was opened two years ago. The cakes and treats are handmade are divine. The honey cake is my favourite absolutely perfect. They are beautifully made and presented. Something really different from a British bakery. You wont be disappointed a real gem of a cafe.

Les Enfant Terrible: Weymouth harbour

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French sophistication meets family warmth at Les Enfant Terrible, led by the passionate Chef/Owner Eric. This is more than a restaurant; it’s a canvas of flavours curated by Eric’s commitment to quality. Our go-to dish? Eric’s signature—Baked sea bass in foil in white wine with baby potatoes in garlic butter. The outside seating area adds a touch of charm, making it our perfect setting for cosy evenings and celebratory feasts.

Bennetts Fish n Chips: Weymouth harbour

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For a taste of classic British delight, Bennetts Fish n Chips is our personal haven. Whether seated harbourside or taking it into the King’s Arms pub for a pint of cold beer, every bite is a nostalgic journey. Smothered in salt and vinegar, it’s a simple pleasure we can’t resist.These aren’t just restaurants; they’re part of our story, where each bite is a shared moment of joy. May these culinary gems continue to be a backdrop for our adventures in fantastic food!

Nautica: Weymouth town

This restaurant stands out for its diverse menu catering to various dietary requirements. Housed in the unique setting of the old post office in the heart of Weymouth, its character is defined by vintage décor featuring old pictures and impressive lampshades. The gluten-free menu, combined with a relaxed atmosphere and commendable customer service, makes it a standout choice.

Pascals Brasserie: Weymouth harbour
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In Hope Square, Pascals Brasserie beckons with a warm welcome and an exquisite setting. Ideal for a leisurely lunch, cream tea, or a delightful slice of cake, the ambiance is enhanced by the scrumptious Coffee and Walnut cake—a true indulgence.

Shalims: Weymouth town

For a culinary journey with an Eastern twist, Shalims is a fantastic choice. The friendly and attentive staff, coupled with the talents of the chef team, bring classic British Indian dishes to life with surprising flavours. Using top-quality fresh ingredients and an array of spices, Shalims offers a superb curry experience with a delightful twist.

These recommendations encapsulate the diverse and delectable culinary landscape that Weymouth has to offer. So come and visit Weymouth and start enjoying your culinary experience. May each dining experience be a memorable celebration of fantastic food! CLICK HERE for to our list of things you can do in Weymouth. There are some other great places to eat so, if the above suggestions aren’t what you are looking for EMAIL us and I can certainly recommend something.

Enjoy ! 😀

Ian & Tracie